Luuk Booij
ontwerp & realisatie
Goedemiddag, Mijn naam is Luuk Booij en ik maak dingen. Hout en metaal zijn vaak mijn uitgangsmaterialen. Wat ik doe en kan zit ergens tussen ontwerper, techneut, kunstenaar, lasser en timmerman in. Ik breid die lijst graag uit. Ideeën voor een project? Bel of mail gerust. Of kom even langs, de koffie staat klaar!

Bed met bekleed hoofdeind.
Deze keramieken schaal met optische fibers erin en omheen gemaakt voor een kunstexpositie in Amersfoort. Het is een samenwerkingsproject met mijn moeder, Alie van de Wolfshaar.
A panel saw I started building recenly. In progress...
This device is developed to alert people at the office when it is time for coffee.
Legs for an ellipse shaped table.
Project samen met mijn moeder. Zie
A construction to gain attraction of customers to come and get a smootie.
Hoekbank in opdracht van Ervarea in Amersfoort.
This table is made from natural shaped acacia wood. The weight and size of the table surface is being compensated by the slim legs.
Rijdende espressobar voor Cascara Events.
A garden bench build from accacia and olive wood.
I designed and build a closet. I used acacia wood for the vertical structure and oak for the horizontal planks.
I executed my Bachelor Assignment at the University of Twente. My assignment was to make a new iteration on a design machine developed by the Raw Shaping Department. I used research on ergonomics and emerging technology to develope new concepts. Several prototypes and usability tests showed the functionality of the concepts. The pictures show steps of the proces.
During my bachelor assignment I did research on a design machine. Images like the image made using the design machine.
I upgraded my living room by adding domestic robotica (domotica). The picture shows the heart of the system it uses sensors to measure the light intensity, movement and temperature. The microcontroller uses this input to decide if the curtains should be open or closed and which lights should be on or off.
Sketching is a tool that I mostly use to quickly capture or develope idea's. A sketch that I made for graphic purposes is shown above.
Bankje voor in de tuin. Met hogere rugleuning dan gebruikelijk voor een comfortabele zit.
This is an artists impression of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) setup to illustrate the working principle. An AFM machine is used to image surfaces on a nanoscale level. I made these renders for my roommate who studies nano particles using an AFM machine. The renders are made using SolidWorks.
This is an owl I welded from sheet metal. The metal was laid to rest in a mixture of sawdust and acid to give it a weather-beaten look.
This is a desk lamp that I fitted with servo motors. Now it is possible to controll the lamps position.
For a self-administered assignment at the University of Twente I chose to design and build an equatorial mount. An equatorial mount is a device that keep your camera or telescope fixed relative to the stars. I build three different prototypes.

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